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Can we afford not to be prepared for unexpected financial situations and for the continuing rise of inflation? Here at David vs Goliath Ministries, we cannot afford to take that risk. There is a solution in place that's perfectly legal and has been function for a long time. now. Check out the solution called the Liberty Dollar. You'll be glad you did.

What Are Liberty Dollars? A simple answer is that Liberty Dollars are a completely legal private currency where the value of each Liberty Dollar is backed by physical silver. Liberty Dollars are Private Money you can use for Private Transactions. Liberty Dollars are issued by the Liberty Dollar Financial Association and intended to be traded between private members and businesses that are members of the Private Membership Association. Join us at Liberty Dollar (

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Why Do We Need A Private Currency?

The US Dollar hasn't been backed by silver since we came off of the silver standard in 1861. The US Dollar hasn't been backed by Gold since we came off of the Gold standard in 1933 domestically and 1971 internationally. So what guarantees the value of our current currency? The answer is NOTHING.

The current form of currency in use is known as a fiat currency. It is not backed by physical resources any longer. The current Federal Reserve Notes that we trade everyday are only backed by the US government promise to pay their debt. They are literally notes of debt that we trade so every dollar that we spend each day only adds to the national debt and only holds value as long as government keeps their promise t0o eventually pay off the debt. Another problem is that we are at a point where that debt can never be repaid and inflation will continue to cause the dollar to be devalued. Silver is a commodity and will always have value so when we trade in silver backed private currency, our private money will always hold value, even if the US dollar crashed like we saw happen in Venezuela.

Are you ready to open your own silver account and begin trading in silver yet? You can do so by going to Liberty Dollar (  and opening an account even if you are not ready to fund that account yet.

You can order silver minted coins and/or paper Liberties Dollars right from your own account and start trading in a private currency that has security.

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Is The US Dollar Secure?

Every financial and money expert I have ever spoken with has stated that our current monetary system is not sustainable. It's not a matter of will the US dollar crash, it's only a matter of when.

When that time comes, will you be prepared for it? If you wake up tomorrow and all of the US dollars currently in your Federal Reserve Bank account are now worthless, how will you and your family survive? As for us, we WILL survive. We hold a silver account and the ability to trade in Liberty Dollars and the network of private individuals and business owners accepting Liberty Dollars I rapidly growing.

Are you an entrepreneur? If you are living in a community that is not trading in Liberty Dollars you may want to consider bringing a Liberty Dollar service center to your own community as a business investment. It's like opening your own private banking center giving people and businesses a local center to conduct private banking activities and exchanging US dollars for Liberty Dollars or depositing and withdrawing silver from their own accounts at a local physical location instead of only trading silver online.

Currently you can use the Liberty Dollar account to instantly send and receive payment in silver however area businesses will need a local service center where they can make deposits to their own accounts offline. Once you join the Liberty Dollar Financial Association you will have the option of opening these centers locally and encouraging all area businesses to trade in silver.

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