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Religious Vaccine Exceptions


Bible Support for Religious Exemptions as provided by

Most people do not realize that all vaccines are made from GMOs. People know GMOs are bad for you. They cause genetic mutations within people. Warning labels have been issued on GMO-tainted foods. Countries have outlawed GMOs. Yet, demonically-possessed governments and ‘medical deities’ representing Big Pharma’s depopulation interests neglect these facts. The corporate-controlled media never addresses the fact that GMOs are being injected directly into your bloodstream via vaccines.

Accordingly, there is ample Biblical support for those who assert religious rights to abstain, and avoid vaccinations for spiritual and religious reasons. These include the following law(s) prohibiting genetic engineering or the use of its products:

Leviticus: 19:19 Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen [plant] and woolen [animal] come upon thee.

Relevant reasons for God’s warning in this regard includes the fact that bovine (cow) fetal serum is commonly used in vaccine the manufacturing. So are monkey kidney cells, chicken embryo parts, bacterial or viral genetic materials – RNA and DNA, as well as yeast and human proteins. Even human fetal cells are in vaccines–an embarrassing fact that vaccine-makers act to hide.

Using the example of cows, bovine fetal serum is mixed with bacteria or viral particles, and other vaccine ingredients including toxic metals, such as mercury and aluminum, and immune destructive chemicals. Thus, proteins and genetic materials from the cattle, viruses, and bacteria are mixed before these particles are injected into you or your children. Once the vaccine ingredients, including foreign RNA and DNA, and genetically engineered bacteria and/or viruses, or their parts, enter your blood, they may cause genetic mutations of your cells and/or autoimmune diseases. Then you have sown thy bloodstream ‘with mingled seed’ that not only taxes your immune system further, but may cause the development of cancer cells as well. These may go on to become full blown cancers, particularly in the presence of a weakened immune system made weak by vaccine ‘adjuvents.’

Likewise, this cross species transfer of infectious particles often initiates autoimmune diseases, thusly:

Your blood contains vital white blood cell body guards (i.e., lymphocytes) that provide for surveillance and destructive responses against cancer cells and malignant tumors. Therefore, overly taxing these cells, as vaccinations often do, is unclean and unhealthy. Thus, the warning in Lev. 19:19 is more than reasonable. It is life-saving.

God created your blood pure. It is unreasonable that God, or any lawful religious person (including scholars) would recommend, encourage, or sanctify the opposite. That is, that you poison or intoxicate your clean healthy blood.

Why do we use the term vaccine exception instead of vaccine exemption? 

An exemption indicates that you are asking to be exempted from a specific activity and implies the requesting authority has the power to determine if you can be exempted. An exception notifies any presumed authority that you are excepted out of the ability to impose any requirement to begin with.

No presumed authority has the ability to decide what your beliefs, are and if you weren't already aware, the definition of faith, according to the courts, has always been " a firmly or strongly held belief". 

No other person, including a spiritual or religious leader, has the ability to decide what you believe.

Here at David vs Goliath Ministries, we provide 2 options for a vaccine exception and ask only for a small donation to the ministry in exchange for these vaccine exception options. Take a look below at the option you feel the most comfortable with.


Religious Exception to vaccine affidavit

This is an Affidavit to be sworn or affirmed and to be notarized. The Affidavit will be drafted specifically in the name of the Affiant and ready to be signed and notarized.

Online ordering can be done Here

Notice of Religious Exception to vaccines

As a tactic to try to defeat our protection of our religious liberties and freedoms, many authorities have publicized statements from various religious leaders and tried to justify ignoring our strongly held beliefs by stating that the beliefs of a specific religious leader, or their teachings, are not contrary to vaccination.

It is our position that those beliefs may actually be sincere for some religious leaders however that in no way obligates each individual to violate their own conscious beliefs and  act in a manner that is contrary to scripture simply because a religious leader said it is okay to do so. Our beliefs are not given to us by any individual leader and someone else's interpretation of scripture, and our liberties will not be forced upon us. This notice from David vs Goliath Ministries states the official position of the leaders within our ministry which is notification and scriptural basis for our beliefs which are contrary to vaccines.

This notice can be used independent of or along with a Vaccine Affidavit

The link for Ministry Donation and online ordering of the Religious Exception Notice is Here.

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